Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Central League Knock-out Cup 06/05/2013

Tonight's result which looked like it would go Dunfermline's way from early on but we gave ourselves some late scares before confirming the win. It was particularly unlucky for Jonathan who was obliged to turn down the draw in a desperate attempt to salvage the match.

Dunfermline have salvaged something from the season and we have won some silverware.

Badgers Brook 2.5-4.5 Dunfermline 
Mark Cooke Draw Ian Robertson 
Kenny McGeoch Draw John McBride 
Jonathan Rowney 0-1 Iain Sneddon 
Andrew McHarg 1-0 Gavin Saxton 
Steven McHarg 0-1 Michael Roy 
Dave McGilivray 0-1 Fred Ossowski 
Kenny Aiston Draw Bryan O'Rourke 

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