Saturday, 2 February 2013

Minnows 11 - 5 Badgers 30/01/13

This was a gallant fight by the Badgers against a sluggish Minnows. The exception was George whose smooth style held the home side together. Game of the match of course goes to Graham for his comprehensive win over Ian in the final round (over 600 points grading difference but Graham played like he was the higher rated player).
Minnows 11- 5 Badgers
Ian Robertson Draw Kenny McGeoch 
Iain Sneddon Draw Graham Kerr 
George Webb 1-0 David McGilvary
Jim Webster 1-0 David Marshall 
Ian Robertson 1-0 David Marshall 
Iain Sneddon 0-1 Kenny McGeoch 
George Webb 1-0 Graham Kerr 
Jim Webster 1-0 David McGilvary
Ian Robertson 1-0 David McGilvary
Iain Sneddon 1-0 David Marshall 
George Webb Draw Kenny McGeoch 
Jim Webster Draw Graham Kerr 
Ian Robertson 0-1 Graham Kerr 
Iain Sneddon 1-0 David McGilvary
George Webb 1-0 David Marshall 
Jim Webster 0-1 Kenny McGeoch 

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