Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dunfermline's 1st match of the season

A few Dunfermline players looked out of practiceResults could have been different with Florin and Ronnie both blundering in drawish positions. Gavin took his 11-move disaster in good spirit. Knight on rim is dim they say so reposition the beast. Alas Gavin's steed didn't have anywhere to go other than the box. Michael also showed rust with an oversight or two after the opening. Ian had a steadily increasing edge most of the game and won after negotiating the final time scramble. Good to have another strong player in Elaine playing in the Central League.

1. Elaine Bamber (2095) 0-1 Ian Robertson (2102)
2. Ian Marks (1922) 1-0 Gavin Saxton (1748)
3. Steven Kelly (1803) 1-0 Florin Toropoc (estimate 1750)
4. Ralph Stirrat (1658) 1-0 Michael Roy (1689)
5. Ronnie Wallace (1482) 0-1 Fred Ossowski (1647)

Nevermind, Murray has won his first Slam. What a match!!!

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