Thursday, 3 May 2012

Grangemouth V Dunfermline, oops.

There was trouble at the mill last night and It was all over by 9.00pm. I have not seen such a result in the six years that I have played for Dunfermline. Must have been because I was not playing. ;)

D Will 1-0 I Robertson
I Mason 1-0 M Roy
M Monaghan 1-0 F Toropoc
J Smith 1-0 F Ossowski
G Allison 1-0 G Webb

Grangemouth are the Central League champions again.

Let's hope Dunfermline can make more of a match of it next week in the KO final but the omens are not good. I walked into an opening trap. Michael was hasty and dropped a pawn. Florin played a combination in the wrong order and George and Fred also gave away material needlessly. We surely cannot play so poorly again (the well recognised infamous last words).

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