Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dunfermline allegro league results for the 23rd of November

Both of the Dunfermline allegro teams were in action last night. The Sharks lost away at Grangemouth and the Minnows mirrored the same score by winning at home. The captains report for the Minnows is copied below. 

Minnows 11.5 - 4.5 Bruce
Tigers 11.5 - 4.5 Sharks

Minnows match report and scores
Did the Minnows indulge in spectacular play and dashing sacrifices? Well yes but just the once when Terry hit Robin with every piece that was even vaguely close to the enemy King. Other than that it was just good old plodding that won the day. And of course George’s two mighty lucky time wins which otherwise could have brought the result much closer.
Minnows 11.5-4.5 Bruce

Ian Robertson 1-0 Paul Prescott
John McBride Draw Dave Hewitt
George Webb 1-0 Robin Hayles
Terry Doherty 0-1 Walter Shaw
Ian Robertson 1-0 Walter Shaw
John McBride 1-0 Paul Prescott
George Webb Draw Dave Hewitt
Terry Doherty 1-0 Robin Hayles
Ian Robertson 1-0 Robin Hayles
John McBride Draw Walter Shaw
George Webb 1-0 Paul Prescott
Terry Doherty 0-1 Dave Hewitt
Ian Robertson 1-0 Dave Hewitt
John McBride 1-0 Robin Hayles
George Webb 1-0 Walter Shaw
Terry Doherty 0-1 Paul Prescott

The result of last night's match is "Lions" 11.1/2 - "Sharks" 4.1/2.
The individual results are:
A. Bell 4 - Michael Roy 0
Joe Connelly 0
Peter Horne 0
Stuart Brisbane 0
I. Mason 3.1/2 - Michael Roy 0
Joe Connelly 0
Peter Horne 0
Stuart Brisbane 1/2
H. Hanlon 3 - Michael Roy 1/2
Joe Connelly 0
Peter Horne 1/2
Stuart Brisbane 0
R. Leckie 1 - Michael Roy 1
Joe Connelly 0
Peter Horne 1
Stuart Brisbane 1

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