Sunday, 19 September 2010

Dunfermline's first match of the new season Cumbernauld A v Dunfermline A

Dunfermline nominated A-Team for 2010/2011 is Ian Robertson, Garry Forbes, John McBride, Gavin Saxton and Michael Roy.

I was unavailable for this match and Fred ably stepped in to score a full point.
Match report courtesy of the captain Ian.

The match was closer than result suggests. Fred was convincing winner but Ronnie provided considerable assistance. Michael was worse till George threw a piece. Gavin’s dodgy opening gambit only succeeded courtesy of a horror move from David. Garry missed a couple of open goals before the position turned into a blocked midfield stalemate. I was much better out the opening but gave Ian one opportunity to play a counter tactic which may have got him an unusual draw by perpetual but he opted out of it for what seemed were reasonable reasons but an exchange sac by me next move and his game was gone.

Cumbernauld A v Dunfermline A match result

1887 Ian Marks           0-1   Ian Robertson 2137

1700 Jack Parkes       ½-½  Garry Forbes  1768

1611 David Johnstone  0-1   Gavin Saxton  1723

1548 George Thomson 0-1  Michael Roy    1705

1431 Ronnie Wallace    0-1 Fred Ossowski 1703


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