Thursday, 15 April 2010

Grangemouth Lions V Dunfermline Minnows Allegro League (Score-5.5-10.5)

The Allegro league title decider was played on Wednesday the 14th of April at Grangemouth. This was the Minnows final Allegro match for this season and only a win would do for them. As the Lions had a one point advantage in this league and a draw, or better would see them win the title.

As it was, the Lions 4th team member failed to turn up, giving them an insurmountable handicap. However, if he had turned up, he would have had to have scored 2.5/4, or more to have won the league for the Lions. A tall order for someone graded 1528 playing against a very strong Minnows team. 

As opposed to last year in the same fixture, when rooks were given away by the Minnows left, right and centre, the Minnows only gave away a free queen in the 1st match. Starting each match 1-0 down the Lions found the match had gone against them by the end of match 3. The only bright spot for the Lions being Ian Mason ending Ian Robertson's unbeaten run in the final allegro league game of the season, his 1st loss in some 28 games.

Jim Watson (1526) (1 point) beat George Webb (1482), lost to Ian Robertson (2170), John McBride (1706) & Jim Webster (1589)
Ian Mason (1850) (3 points) beat George & Ian, drew with John and Jim
Doug Will (1839)  (1.5 pts) beat Jim, draw with George, lost to Ian and John                         

Well done to the Dunfermline Minnows, who are now the 1st div league and allegro champions for 2009/2010. Just the knock-out cup to go and they will have the treble.

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