Thursday, 25 March 2010

2009-2010 1st Division Title

To start off this blog, there is good news for the Dunfermline club 1st team, who have retained their 1st division title with one match to spare.

As is usually the case, the road to the title has not been an easy one, with a number of close matches along the way. The title deciding match played away at Grangemouth on the 24th of March 2010 was no different and a draw, or even the scores reversed looked likely for the 1st half of the match.

First game to finish was on board 2. This ended a draw, even though everybody had written this game off, as Gavin was 3 pawns down with a lost position very early in the game. Board 3 was not looking much better either, after making up the opening John M had a cramped but stubbornly defended position. This changed after he broke chess rules and moved a knight to the side of the board. Black then had a good advantage, but humans are not computers and the position was still stubbornly defended, leading to a draw offer. Ian R on board 1 was collecting small advantages throughout his game and was winning easily by the time Ian M's flag fell.

With the score at 2-1 to Dunfermline, the match was very much in the balance. Garry on board 5 was a piece and a passed pawn down and Michael on board 3 had played a very good game to be winning easily, but was very short of time in a complicated position. Michael managed to pick his way through the difficulties set for him by John S and sealed the match for Dunfermline with checkmate. Then the shock of the night, with time running out Garry managed to bamboozle his opponent into offering him a draw, even though William had a completely won position. Dunfermline therefore won the match by the score 1.5 - 3.5.

Bd     Grade   Grangemouth           vs            Dunfermline      Grade
1        1864     Ian Mason                0 - 1          Ian Robertson     2078
2        1858     Douglas Will          0.5 - 0.5      Gavin Saxton       1849
3        1649     Mark Monaghan     0.5 - 0.5      John McBride      1769
4        1640     John Smith               0 - 1         Michael Roy        1731
5        1506    William Gray          0.5 - 0.5       Garry Forbes      1689
                                                  1.5 - 3.5
Dunfermline white on boards 2, 3 and 4.

Six of the 7 players who played for the winning A team this season. 

Left to right: Gavin, Michael, John, Garry, Jim and the team captain Ian.

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